About Solo

I am not an entrepreneur.
I don’t wear those sweet suits with elegant ties that match
I have no briefcase, an office or even employees yet
But I’m profitable.
I do what I love and get paid for it
I prefer to be called a starter
I love business and enjoy helping others with theirs, especially if it has to do with launching fresh ideas

And so I started ebusinessbuildit Media for you…
You get overwhelmed with sooo much information on how to launch your business
You have the desire to launch a business idea. You don’t know where to start.
You even have a blog, or intend to launch one, but know not how to build a system around it so it gets you clients everyday.
Or do you nurse the hope of building a business around your uniques skills and knowledge;
To generate a side income for yourself, have more freedom and live the kinda life you’ve always desired?

Having been through the struggles of dabbling from one shiny business idea to another
Felt the frustration of starting something no one wants
Understands the feeling of disappointment when tech tools fail – with no extra money to buy better ones
I now help other intending business starters avoid these pitfalls, launch their businesses the right way and become profitable quicker
How about you?
Would you like to learn how to launch (or relaunch) your business?
Join me in Business Blogging Gameplan
A number of those who already joined say they love what they see in there.
You’re Welcome!