You can admit you didn’t achieve your business goals last year.

You remember those times you put off taking action on your responsibilities, and wish you could make it right this year.

You procrastinated, got tired sometimes and switched off from work.

The mornings you were lazy to do any meaningful work on your business.

If you blog for instance, you understand those times your head simply refused to come up with writing ideas for your blog.

In retrospect, you regret those moments, because of course, your finances are not where they should be. Those business goals you failed to achieve had a direct impact on your money.

You see, you have another chance to make it right in the New Year. But what if you make same old 2016 mistakes, again?

Here’s a better way to accomplish your business goals this year.

Set 90-day goals, not yearly goals.

You see:

  • A year is too long for a goal.
  • You usually lose motivation, even before the middle of the year.
  • Many times, you get sooo busy, you even forget your goals. By the way, I’ve actually wondered if it’s the devil that causes this, or really our indiscipline. 🙂

Setting 90 day goals however,

  • Helps us retain motivation because the finish line is closer to us,
  • 90 days is long enough for business goals and short for feedback on our progress.
  • We take our days and time more seriously, because hey, it’s just 90 days (3 months sounds like a longer time, abi?)
  • Teaches you to break down your yearly goals into 3-4 chunks for every 90 days of the year.

This does not mean you can’t set yearly or long-term goals for your business. It rather works better to pursue a 90-day goal, achieve it and use same strategies for the next 90 days.

So how would this work?

  1. Clearly define what success would look like in the next 90 days.
    In your business, what would happen in the next 90 days that will represent success to you? Write this down.
    In your 90-day plan, do you want 100 subscribers on your blog?
    Do you want to make a certain amount of money? Do you want to attract a certain number of quality clients to your business?
  2. What do you need to do to accomplish this 90-day goal(s)? This is actually the most important point. For each of the goals you wrote, write out specifically, if possible, steps you need to take.
  3. Then, what are the possible difficulties you could face while taking action? In the previous times you wanted this goal achieved, what prevented you from achieving them?
  4. Now here’s the boring part…

  5. Schedule all your action items on your calendar app – for the next 12 weeks or so.

    It’s not real, if it’s not scheduled.

    I use Google Calendar for scheduling, and it delightfully reminds me everyday of my writing responsibility.

So whether you feel like working or not, you’re obliged to take action once you hear your calendar alarm.

It’s boring. It’s not fanciful, but it works.

As a blogger, I have writing topics each week for myself for the next 90 days. It’s an appointment I owe myself and business to honour every morning.

If you were a football coach, you take your eyes off winning the league title. You rather concentrate on the perfect training sessions with your players and ensure you win every next match.

Will you still win the title? Of course, the answer is Yes!

Goal setting is easy, but waking up every morning to accomplish tasks is the key to accomplishments.

Some days you’ll wake up bored. Other days you’ll be exhausted. But then, your business needs your consistency, persistence and perseverance – at least in the next 90 days.

After this, you can repeat your success and adjust on the areas that didn’t work for the following 90 days of the year.

As humans, we sometimes fail to achieve our goals. Not because we’re failures, but because we’re following systems that merely expose our frailty. We’re all capable of accomplishing the incredible in our businesses, but we must learn to follow systems that suit us.

Now your turn, have you tried anything similar to what I just described? Do you think there’s a better way to accomplish our yearly business goals?

Turn your blog into a real profitable business…